Mexico’s Hidden Gems

If you’re spending your Mexican getaway in packed crowds with other tourists, or standing in endless lines, you’re not really “getting away” from much. It might be worth your time and money to explore some of the country’s beautiful hidden gems, where you can truly veer off the beaten path. Keep reading for some of Mexico’s best-kept secrets.


The best way to get to this small fishing town is by boat. Consider renting a vacation home in Yelapa, where you can fish, swim in the ocean or simply lie in the hammock for hours. If you want to avoid swarms of spring-breakers, you can do no better than Yelapa.

Isla Mujeres

You don’t have to dole out thousands of dollars to get the remote island experience. Why not head to Isla Mujeres? This gorgeous little paradise is located 8 miles off the coast of Cancun, but is far less raucous than the spring break capital. On this Atlantic oasis, you can snorkel, visit a turtle sanctuary and even behold ancient Mayan ruins.

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is a remote swath of nature, perfect for hiking, biking and horseback riding. This natural wonder is actually a collection of six canyons, formed by six rivers that drain the western side of the Sierra Madre mountain range. The walls of the canyons have been colored green by the titular copper deposits over the course of six million years. Head to these trails if you really want to run free from souvenir-shop crowds.



In 2017, less than a million people visited this archeological site, making it one of Mexico’s most precious secrets spots. You will be astonished by the ruins at Palenque, where a Mayan city-state flourished until the end of the seventh century AD. This immense collection of ancient architectural wonders, smack in the middle of the jungle, can take days to explore.


Xcalak is one of the last undeveloped coastlines in the Caribbean. Fewer than 400 people live in this town, which hosts the world’s second-largest barrier reef. You’ll have to travel to the southern tip of Mexico (near Belize) to find it, but Xcalak is well worth the trip.


Mexico’s Hidden Gems
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