What To Do If You’re Desperate to Travel Amid the Pandemic

If you’re growing restless of sheltering in place, you’re not alone. It seems like everyone is champing at the bit to get out, and that’s especially true for travel enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the future of the coronavirus pandemic is yet unclear, so all you wanderlusters may have to wait months before you can resume your travel plans. Some experts are hopeful that travel will be permitted by this summer, while others suggest the fall and still others fear it won’t be until 2021. But you don’t have to wait until then to get out. Let’s consider how you can approach travel in the time of coronavirus.

Flying is probably a bad idea

It’s no secret that the airline industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and it’s not just because international flights have been restricted. Flying any distance in a plane can make you vulnerable to the virus, as cabins are small and confined, making it nearly impossible to distance yourself from others.

Most airlines have slashed the number of daily flights, so flying long-distance is likely to be a challenge, too. You’re less likely to find a direct flight these days, so while a trip from New York to Paris may have previously lasted 7.5 hours, it could now include two stops and take up to 15 hours! In short, air-travel is probably off the table for the near future.

Road trip?

While traveling between countries is sure to be a challenge, this summer could present a good opportunity to explore your own backyard. Why not jump into the car and take a drive up the interstate? Or better yet, take the back roads. Plan a picnic in the car. Taking a daylong road trip could be a good way to break free from the house this summer, allowing you to return home at night without having to stay in a health-compromising hotel. Just be sure you’re following local guidelines regarding virus-related safety.


Consider #VanLife

#VanLife is the budding culture that has become ubiquitous on social media, in pictures of couples living out of cozy, sleeper vans. This moment might be a great opportunity to see the country from the inside of a van, breaking away from the monotony of quarantine and saving money on lodging by sleeping in your own mobile bunker.

Returning to pre-pandemic travel

The sorry truth is, no one knows when or if travel will ever return to its pre-pandemic glory. But that doesn’t mean you can’t venture out of the nest. Seize the opportunity to take an unconventional trip or at least to get to know your own neighborhood a little better.


What To Do If You’re Desperate to Travel Amid the Pandemic
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