Arctic Oven AO8 Heated Tent


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русский Дешевые отели и авиабилеты

This tent started life in Alaska about 6 years ago It has since traveled around Alaska Canada and around Washington Arctic Ovens are durable tents that can handle any climate They have a bathtub floor and polypropylene sides you can lean against them and not get wet- it pulls moisture out of the tent Ive mainly used this tent for snowmobiling down to -30 and especially in WA for tent camping when I want to be dry Not only does it keep the water out you can use a heater inside it is vented dry out wet clothesgear and cook inside I like to mountain bike snowboard snowmobile and have a warm place to come back to There is a stove jack for the tent for either a wood stove or propane stove I currently use propane vented out the chimney For warmer months it has two windows with mesh to create airflow I recently sent this tent back to Alaska Tent and Tarp in AK for an inspection and to increase the window size This tent also has the upgrade of a large 20sqft vestibule This tent has the upgrade of a heavy duty canvas floor saver for inside the tent This tent has been seem sealed both inside and out on the rain fly For storage this tent fits inside a tough tote My wife and I have meticulously taken care of this investment No smoking no animals no ripstearsholes etc We air it out after every outing and have over 2500 into the tent We are only selling to get a larger one for our now growing family If you have questions feel free to call or email Serious inquiries only feel free to look this tent up and all the specs on Alaska Tent and Tarp website model Arctic Oven 8 with Vestibule Phone number three-six-oh two-one-nine six-zero-zero-two