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русский Дешевые отели и авиабилеты

Bought brand new and only used 2 timesComes with stuff sack stakes pump reapair kit and thefoot printwhich sold seperatley is90No signs of wear other than stakesComes fully assembled which is a pain for initail set up We solved that puzzle for you now its ready just pump it up and youre setThis tent is a great one or 2 person tent that blends in as much as it stands outWe recentley got a new pup so we just need something bigger to accomadateFrom the manufactureFISTRAL is the name of our 1-2 person inflatable tent Its compact design offers great flexibility with a minimum pack size and weight Two entrances and two vestibules offer maximum comfort All it takes is a pump and in less than a minute your tent will be pitched Thanks to itsinflatable frame structureFISTRALisvery strong and because it is made from high-quality materials it offers weatherproofness and durabilty too Theair frameoffers not only good stabilitybutan intuitive and easy setup so you can get the maximum out of your trip It provides support for the waterproof RipStop Polyester fly sheet and the RipStop Nylon inner tent with storage compartments The two entrances and vestibulesprovide convenient accessand protect you from wind and weather Theyare also goodfor storingyour gearor shoes The gear loft under the inner tent roof offers added storage – put your lamp inside and create a diffuse and ambient light inside FISTRALFor everyone who loves travelling and simplicity Inflatable frame inner and outer tent work as a unit and only need to be assembled on the very first setup From the second time on you just need to pump it up