HMG Ultamid 4 Cuban Fiber tent w custom pole, mesh insert


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Hyperlight Mountain Gear Ultamid 4 Custom Bundle – used 1x – like newUltamid 4 tent 23oz – four season cuban fiber waterproof pyramid style tent with approx 85 sq ft of space inside with over 6 height – ideal for 2-4 people plus gearUltamid 4 Insert 28oz – mesh netting tent insert with DCF11 waterproof bathtub floor to keep you and your gear dryCustom Carbon Fiber Adjustable Tent Pole 7oz – made specifically for this tent and adjustable to 8 lengths spaced approx 1 internal shock cord keeps four pieces togetherThis is an awesome tent and insert Square footage and height allow for comfortable inout access during daynight and height allows for easy movement around tent to access gear and get ready at night or in the morning You can easily store all gear in tent and pack up before leaving in the morningCustom pole allows for tent to be elevated off ground for calm weater and good airflow inside tent – OR – have tent close to the ground in case of high winds rain or snowHyperlite is known as a great all season tent that can hold up to high winds and is 100 waterproofI bought smaller Echo II tent to thru-hike the PCT so I no longer need this one This tent would be great for section hiking weekend getaways raft-packing bike-packing and anything that would need to house more than 2 people or lots of gearThe insert is a mesh upper with a waterproof bathtub-style floor that is 100 waterproofIn my opinion this is the best ultralight tentinsert combo you can buy and is made in the USA Check out their website for all the details