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русский Дешевые отели и авиабилеты

I have owned this tent when first purchased in 1983 It has been up and down the AT in PA NJ NY and parts of VT We took it on a week long trek on the Teton Crest Trail in WY Not much use has occured in the past 15 or so years and it is now time to find it a new and deserving home While in use it always had a protective ground cover under it It has been stored in dry cool conditions When I got it out it had that peculiar smell which quickly desipated after a short time out in the sun and fresh air For good measure I stayed out in it over night and we had a huge spring NC downpour in the middle of the night The sound of the rain brought back great memories and we wre bone dry there are no gaps in any of the screensI am asking close to the original price because I know what contition the tent is in and what the cost of a new tent of comparative quality