4-Day Private Tour of Classical Greece from Athens


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Our first stop is at historical Thermopylae! Paying tribute to King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 Spartan warriors we will visit the amazing monument of his statue which is captivating and have the chance to gaze upon the renowned hot springs (one of the 7 gates to Hades)!
We will visit the archaeological site and Museum of Delphi, with its spectacular collection of artifacts, including the Naxian Sphinx, the unique bronze Charioteer and the Statue of Antinoos.
Discover Ancient Olympia the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games.
You will explore Mycenae from where the expedition to Troy started.
Walk through Nafplio the first capital city of modern Greece, a picturesque town with Venetian architecture that the Venetians used to call the Naples of Greece.
Witness the amazing Epidaurus theater, constructed in the late 4th century BC to host religious events to honor the god Asclepius and still in use. Another fact about this theater is the perfect acoustics. During summer, it hosts performances of ancient Greek drama.
We will explore the incredible archaeological site of Ancient Corinth following the footsteps of St Paul.
Ancient Diolkos where you discover and explore the ancient passage from the Corinthian to Saronic gulf and the subducting bridge. Here you can enjoy a coffee or snack at a wonderful cafe while you admire the views and wait for boats to pass through the canal.
Last, the Isthmus/Corinth canal which separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland where you will appreciate the engineering and incredible views of the Corinthian and Saronic gulfs.

4-Day Private Tour of Classical Greece from Athens
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