6 Days Classical Extremadura Self drive from Madrid


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Journey deep into the heart of Spain exploring the historic regions of Extremadura. Discover ancient Roman ruins, timeless medieval towns and historic cities. Visit temples, churches, cathedrals, basilicas and monasteries along the ancient Silver Way and admire Spanish art from classical times to the contemporary. Explore the cradles from which Spain’s conquistadors set off to colonise the new world and let Spain conquer your heart every day of this fascinating six-day tour starting and ending in Madrid.
Madrid: Visit Europe’s largest palace and the Reina Sofia Museum, where Picasso’s harrowing Guernica is among the masterpieces on display.
Silver Way: Explore the former Roman capital of Merida, the walled town of Plasencia and the monastery of Yuste, while stopping along this ancient Roman trade route.
Caceres: This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a walled town with more than 50 historic buildings.

6 Days Classical Extremadura Self drive from Madrid
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