7-Day Malaga & Granada Guided Cycling Tour All Inclusive


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Toro Blanco Active Holidays is offering the most bespoke Active Cycling Holidays around. He is offering it for those who want to gain fitness while exploring the south of Spain, in a warm climate and positive environment. His aim is to showcase what a beautiful region this is and what can be done by taking the worry out of active holidays.
You will be taken from the coast near Malaga, winding your way among the orange groves, and up through the rolling hills covered in sun soaked olive trees. While passing through the many ancient sleepy towns and villages, all with there own unique stunning view you will realise what a pleasure it is to find such places, many of which you may not have heard of. Andalucía is often referred to as the fruit basket of Europe by many Spaniards.
You will leave each area with a sense that you will need to return as it feels like you are seeing a postcard photo rather than reality. This is truly a unique experience.

7-Day Malaga & Granada Guided Cycling Tour All Inclusive
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