8 hours Bohemian Paradise Private tour by car


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Most foreign visitors to the Czech Republic will visit Prague and several other cities, while the Czech countryside remains nothing more than scenery behind bus windows.This is a shame because the countryside helps you understand where notes from Smetana’s, Dvo?ák’s, Janá?ek’s and Martin?’s pieces come from and what inspired the pallets of leadind Czech painters.
The Bohemian countryside has a lot of different faces ranging from lowlands to wooded highlands and border mountains. Some of these features have played a special role in Czech cultural history and have become national symbols. One of them is Bohemian Paradise, originally spreading only in the broader surroundings of the town Trutnov. Bohemian Paradise was once covered by the prehistoric sea, whose bottom rose and cracked due to the movement of tectonic plates and volcanoes, forming today’s sandstone walls and towers.

8 hours Bohemian Paradise Private tour by car
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