Alpine cheese tasting in a traditional Swiss farm


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Enhance your Swiss experience on a 4 hr. tour to a traditional family owned alpine farm set in one of the prettiest mountain passes in central Switzerland. Enjoy the beautiful country side from the comfort of your seat in a private transportation to discover the tradition of the Swiss cheese among impressive alpine scenery. Learn from the farmers and taste their best delicacies. Explore this alpine jewel surrounded by green meadows full with pretty flowers and high peaks, this is a popular start and finishing point for refreshing hiking and mountain bike. Delve into rich traditions with an expert guide as you admire the most picturesque towns and stunning landscapes in the region and all this adventure from your Hotel to the doors of the family farm located high in the alps in central Switzerland. Receive personalised attention from your guide on this small-group tour, limited to only 4 persons.

Alpine cheese tasting in a traditional Swiss farm
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