Athens walking tasting tour with Secret Food Tours (Private Tour)


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Athens cuisine is rooted in ancient Greece, influenced by both the Ottoman and Roman empires. Dining in Athens is your opportunity to consume history, Greece has a culinary tradition of over 4,000 years, based on the bountiful and unique food sources from land and sea. We invite you to share our extraordinary fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, and of course some of the most delicious olives and extra virgin olive oil.
When you book Secret Food Tours Athens, we will introduce you to new food experiences with unique local treats, as well as historic and cultural insights into this amazing city.
As a private tour, everything works around you! Our start times are much more easy going, dates can open up. It’s a much more intimate and cozy experience. No need to shout over other tourists, you will have every question answered, and leave feeling like a native yourself!

Athens walking tasting tour with Secret Food Tours (Private Tour)
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