Egypt in 10 days ( Nile cruise- Cairo – Alexandria )


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This package includes Egypt’s very best and most fascinating antiquities escorted by very experienced tour guides willing to share Egypt,s ancient wonders with you .tour Experience the natural beauty of Egypt with us. Get thrilled and mesmerized by the great Pyramids & Karnak temple, immerse yourself in rich and unique Egypt culture and History, discover and rejuvenate yourself spiritually In Philae, Kom Ombo & Edfu temples, Sail in the great Nile River across untamed Natural villages and farms, meet kind and hospitable Egyptians take an adventure tour to discover the beauty of the King’s valley in Luxor * Visit Cairo Pyramids, Memphis and the oldest Pyramid in the world * Visit Aswan High dam, Philae Temple of Isis & The unfinished obelisk * Visit Kom Ombo temple of crocodile God & Edfu Temple of Horus * Visit the Valley of kings, Hathsepsut temple the only Egyptian Queen. * Visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple of God Amu Re the Sun God * Visit Cairo Museum, Alexandria full day tour

Egypt in 10 days ( Nile cruise- Cairo – Alexandria )
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