Fascinating Beauties of Mykonos – Walking Tour


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Enjoy calming atmosphere, witness stunning waterfront scenery and explore the iconic Windmills of Mykonos, the Island’s most photographed landmark. Discover Little Venice, a unique area of Mykonos dating back to the 16th century, where every corner introduces new picturesque sites for you. Learn about the diverse heritage of the Island as you witness Paraportiani church, an impressive whitewashed church that holds a special place in the Island’s history. Enjoy sightseeing and storytelling session in front of the elegant, two-storied Town Hall. Hear intriguing stories about the Island’s development over the centuries. Bond with authentic atmosphere and feel like a local as you explore the Island’s iconic local fish market while at the same time learning how significant and vibrant the site is. End the tour in front of the Manto Mavrogenous Statue. Find out key aspects of Greece’s war for independence, and become familiar with Greek heroine and how she shaped the history of Greece.

Fascinating Beauties of Mykonos – Walking Tour
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