High Tea In Burj Al Arab With Transfer


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Get ready for an unforgettable luxurious experience with afternoon high tea at Burj al Arab. Take in the spectacular beauty of Burj al Arab as you approach through the 340 meter access road to Burj al Arab. Inside be welcomed by the breathtaking world’s highest atrium. Sahanidan meaning reception of the house – the atrium lounge is the perfect spot for afternoon high tea as it gives an unparalleled view of the atrium above. And it overlooks the approach road and you can spot some of the ionic structures of Dubai from its top to bottom glass windows. Enjoy the lively music by a skilled pianist at the piano in the atrium lounge as your attendants come to take your order of drinks and bring you pastries and snacks along with your preferred drinks. Book your afternoon high tea Burj al Arab and get a chance to explore the interiors of the world’s only 7 star hotel with gold plated designs and relish the delectable snacks with cocktails, tea or coffee of your choice.

High Tea In Burj Al Arab With Transfer
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