Horseback Riding Camino De Santiago in Abadín, Spain


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The town of Ríbadeo is the starting point of the Camino. At the exit of the coastal town we should go to Obe towards the mountain of Santa Cruz. The road leads to Vilela, Cedofeita and continues to Lourenzá, Cubelas, Vilamartín, San Esteban and Trapa. On the outskirts of Mondoñedo, it leaves the convent of San Martiño de Vilalourente, a low road that leads to the small towns of San Caetano through Vilñadares and Mariz. The road continues along the bottom of the drowned valley by the Valiñadares river. Continue to Péda Ponte, As Corgas, Gontán, Pobecende and enter the village of Abadín. Starting from Abadín, the path passes through Terra Chá, crosses the Arnela River through a medieval bridge and goes through Pontevella Bridge. The route continues to Santiago to the small town of O Francés. Continue to Baamonde to reach Santa Leocadia de Parga. The path continues through Ponte Leijosa and reaches the limit of the province of Lugo.

Horseback Riding Camino De Santiago in Abadín, Spain
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