Luxurious Lake Lucerne Tour in a Private Motor Yacht


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Experience one of the most spectacular cities in Central Switzerland by cruising Lake Lucerne in a historical motor Yacht built in 1926 and fully renovated in 2016. Combine luxury and history with family or friends. Swiss Alps are just around the corner from the picturesque city of Lucerne, just after 5-10 minutes you will be in the heart of nature.
This is a 1 hour long unforgettable adventure, including drinks and snacks, to some of the most spectacular alpine landscapes in Switzerland. On this tour, you are going to see and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the magical Central alps right at the heart of Switzerland.
Central Switzerland is an unmissable destination, whether it is for the crystal clear waters of Lake Lucerne or for the magnificent alpine landscapes, there is no doubt you will find a reason to include this region in your vacation plans.
Add a wine tasting, as an optional extension, to your private Yacht tour to round up your Swiss experience!

Luxurious Lake Lucerne Tour in a Private Motor Yacht
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