Mt. Vesuvius and the Amalfi Coast(Sorrento-Positano)


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Considered as the most dangerous volcano in the world because of its explosive nature, due to the violence of its eruptions that had caused considerable damages to the surrounding populations. The most famous eruption happened in 79 A.D which almost destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The Vesuvius is certainly a must if you come to Italy; located right in the middle, between Naples and Pompeii, it is very easy to be reached thanks to the nearby motorway. Very characteristic are also the vineyards that can be found on the volcano, in fact some of the wines produced here are among the most exported ones all over Italy. It is curious to know that the Vesuvius today is 1,284 meters high, while before the eruption of 79 A.D. it is thought to have been double or most likely even triple

Mt. Vesuvius and the Amalfi Coast(Sorrento-Positano)
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