Nafplion Private Activity Outdoor Treasure Hunt


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Since 1212 until the end of the Venetian occupation, the fief of Nafplion has been governed by many noble families. These families had a very close relationship with the Order of the Knights Templar and it was only a matter of time for a new, secret order of Knights to be gathered in Nafplion to defend and protect the city from any intrusion and enemy.
The name of this new order of Knights is Ordo Leonis and nowadays is seeking the modern Knights who are going to defend the glory and prosperity of the city of Nafplion.
A mysterious letter from the Grand Magister is the start of this unique adventure..
Learn the history of Nafplion in the most interactive and experiential way!! Have fun with your friends and family strolling in the narrow streets of the old city Nafplion and learn the history of the first capital of Greece solving riddles and puzzles.
Be a knight for a day and solve the mystery!
Are you ready for this unique travel in time?

Nafplion Private Activity Outdoor Treasure Hunt
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