Orvieto & Assisi (St. Francis & St. Claire) Private Tour from Rome


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The diffusion of the artistic and spiritual message of the Franciscan Order has significantly contributed to the development of art and architecture in the world. Assisi, the place of birth of the Franciscan Order, has been closely associated since the Middle Ages to the cult and spread within the Franciscan movement in the world, conveying a universal message of peace and tolerance even to other religions or beliefs. The tour includes the visit of St. Claire grave. Want to visit Italy, but looking to see more than just the tourist cities? Orvieto is your answer! The historic, and beautiful section of this city is situated at the top of a steep hill. The well-preserved Gothic and medieval buildings will make you feel like you’re frozen in time. You can easily wander the city for hours without running out of beautiful architecture, historic buildings, or interesting spots to people-watch.

Orvieto & Assisi (St. Francis & St. Claire) Private Tour from Rome
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