Private Assisi&Orvieto day – trip from Rome


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With this excursion, you can visit two of the most beautiful and popular towns of Umbria region and Italy: Orvieto and Assisi. The town of Orvieto stands majestically above a valley floor and rewards you with views that will stay in your memory, forever. And few churches in Italy can hold a candle to its wedding cake of a Gothic cathedral, which frequently elicits gasps of wonder at its layers of exquisite detail. Assisi is a unique location: it is the birth place of one of Catholicism’s most venerated saints. The main location is the Basilica of S. Francis, made up of two 13th-century churches, the older Basilica Inferiore and the Gothic Basilica Superiore, the complex boasts numerous frescoes by Giotto and his fellow masters Cimabue, Lorenzetti and Martini. These include one of Italy’s most famous works of art – 28 frescoes depicting the life of St Francis. The Basilica’s Upper Square gives unrivalled views of Assisi’s skyline.

Private Assisi&Orvieto day – trip from Rome
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