Private Dune Desert Safari with Dinner


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This tour takes you to the desert of Dubai, driving across beautiful oceans of towering sand dunes arriving at the local camel farm. From the high dunes, witness the sunset as the sun sheds its blaze over enormous areas covered with sand. Mesmerized by the magnificent view, pioneer into an enchanting Arabian night. After a challenging ride across the desert, arrive at a traditional Arabic camp, where a BBQ dinner is served in a torch-lit ambiance giving for the bewitching belly dancer, who performs to the rhythm of the captivating Arabic music under a galaxy of stars. As you relax on comfortable cushions in “Bedu” tents and quench your thirst, you have your hands painted with intricate henna designs. You may also experience a short camel ride or just enjoy an aromatic shisha, whilst being out under the sky. If you do not want to take part in the dune bashing you can inform your driver the day of the tour and you will proceed to the camp and see the sunset from a hill next to the camp.

Private Dune Desert Safari with Dinner
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