Private Vatican and Sistine Chapel Experience


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The Vatican Museums comprise of 27 different Museums in a single Complex. A week would not be enough to visit them all. Our visit includes a tour including some of the major rooms containing works from every era and from every part of the world: Cortile delle Corazze, Cortile della Pigna, Pio Clementino Museum located in 12 rooms, including the Octagonal Courtyard, and houses important collections from the Greek and Roman period, Sala della Rotonda, Sala a Croce Greca, Galleria dei Candelabri, Galleria degli Arazzi, 75 meters long and takes its name from the Flemish tapestries that cover the walls. The Gallery of Maps takes its name from the 40 maps painted on the walls between 1580 and 1585. These maps represent all the regions of Italy and, in particular, all the papal properties at the time of Pope Gregory XIII, Apartment of Pius V, Hall of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Julius II’s Apartment, Alexander VI’s Borgia Apartment.

Private Vatican and Sistine Chapel Experience
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