Private wine tour to Jerez de la Frontera


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We have been running personalised tours to Jerez with great success since 2002 for people who love food and wine. We take you to visit two great wineries where you will get the chance to taste a wide range of fine sherries and as well as vermouth, sherry vinegar and some excellent brandies. In the first winery we’ll take you around cathderal-like buildings and explain the unique sherry-making process tasting different styles of sherry as we walk around. You’ll also taste some vermouth and sherry vinegar. At the second boutique winery you’ll get to taste some more great sherry wines and some of the best brandy in Spain straight from the cask! With this newly acquired knowledge of sherry we then head off to a great local restaurant for lunch and more wine! There’ll be time for a stroll around the old quarter of Jerez before heading back to Seville. We are sure you will agree with most of the world’s top wine critics who say that sherry is the most underrated fine wine in the world.

Private wine tour to Jerez de la Frontera
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