Ravenna & Bologna -private tour


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The artistic and political history of Ravenna saw a period of renewed splendour at the beginning of the V Century a.D. (402-403 a.D.), when Honorius, who had been forced to abandon Milan by the Visigoth invasion, chose Ravenna as the new capital of the Western Roman Empire.
-Discovering beautiful Bologna is a wounderful experience When you think of Italy, famous cities like Rome, Venice and Florence definitely come to mind and while these are home to wonderful landmarks they are also places for mass tourism but if you want to escape the crowds and discover a part of Italy that isn’t often talked about come and visit Bologna an underrated city – from a foreign tourist perspective – that will help you get a sense of what the country and culture is truly about. It may not be a top tourist venue but it is a living breathing Italian experience, which can be hard to find in more popular destinations

Ravenna & Bologna -private tour
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