Sailing & gastronomy around Athens – tastes from all over Greece


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This is a unique experience as it integrates all the things that Greece has to offer, in just one day; sea, sun & food! Enjoy a beautiful day at sea under the Attic sun and taste a traditional Greek feast onboard, prepared with love & attention from our chef.
If you wish to indulge yourself into the culinary magical world of Greece & experience a smooth and relaxing sailing day, think no more and book your seat!
This unique gastronomic journey is inspired from different parts of Greece. The meticulously made menu combines traditional recipes from all over Greece with delicious wines, beers and liquors to warm your heart & make you smile!
Taste recipes from all over Greece in just one cruise, paired with wine & beers from the Greek vineyard. You are offered one complimentary drink and following a wine&beer list will be at your disposal! All ingredients are of top quality and fresh. Reserve your seat onboard and indulge yourself into the Greek hospitality, tastes & aromas.

Sailing & gastronomy around Athens – tastes from all over Greece
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