Tour in the roman villas of Stabiae with an archaeologist.


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The beautiful city of Castellammare lies next to the Roman town of Stabiae, a privileged destination for the patricians, who came here to spend the leisure time during the summer season, to enjoy a breathtaking view and to be in contact with nature. Even today, though little known, some of these residences are preserved almost intact. The guided tour includes the visit to Villa San Marco with its eleven thousand square meters of width, provided with private thermal baths accessible at that time only to the owners and their guests. Then you reach Villa Arianna and the so-called Second Complex, a unique place for the exceptional quality of the frescoes and its large size. Here, as soon as you enter, you’re surrounded by the bright colours of the mythological scenes painted on the walls. A visit not to be missed. On request it is possible to extend the tour with the visit of the Archaeological Museum of Stabiae, dedicated to the exhibition of prestigious finds of the Stabian territory, some never exhibited before in Italy, including frescoes, floors in opus sectile, stucco, sculptures, terracotta, tableware, bronze and iron objects that will tell us the story of ancient Stabiae from the archaic age until the eruption of 79 AD.

Tour in the roman villas of Stabiae with an archaeologist.
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