Top 5 Caribbean Destinations

Top 5 Caribbean Destinations. The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful tropical regions in the world. You won’t need a wetsuit to enjoy these turquoise waters, naturally heated by the Gulf Streams and Trade Winds. And that sense of warmth is detectable everywhere in the Caribbean, where the people are just as sunny as the weather. Here are the top 5 places you ought to consider if you seek Caribbean quaintness.

Turks and Caicos

Whether you dream of close encounters with marine animals, or just want to see the deep blue through a scuba mask, Turks and Caicos has you covered. This archipelago is comprised of 40 coral islands, surrounded by underwater reefs that are just begging to be explored.

St. Martin – Sint Maarten

This island is divided into a French section and a Dutch section, and the blend of these colonial cultures with the island’s diverse population make it one of the most unique destinations in the Caribbean. On the Dutch side, you’ll find casinos, bars, restaurants, and all sorts of fun nightlife activities. Meanwhile, the French side is more relaxed, with a fully nude beach resort, a parrot sanctuary, and water sport classes. Be sure to catch lunch at one of the island’s signature roadside barbecues—just don’t be surprised if you meet a few vagrant chickens on the road.

US Virgin Islands

Though these gorgeous Caribbean oases may seem foreign, they’re actually just an extension of the United States, meaning American citizens can make the trip with limited hassle. Your cell phone plan will still work when you visit any of the 3 main islands (St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas), and with no visa limitations for U.S. visitors, you can truly stay as long as you want.

Each of the three islands offer all the #beachlife amenities that you’d want on a tropical island: water sports, beaches with white sand, and blue water as far as the eye can see.


Don’t miss your chance to swim with stingrays, eat mangoes right off the trees and appreciate the local, seafood-heavy cuisine on a trip to Antigua. This self-governing island nation is part of the greater British Commonwealth that flaunts a curious mix of Caribbean and British cultures. There are plenty of historical sites to visit, especially on the south side of the island where you can almost see Guadeloupe on a clear day. You’ll also find forts and old cannons memorializing the British victory over the French in the historic battle for control over Antigua, which was once an important exporter of sugar.


Looking to brush up on your French in a warm, welcoming place far from the icy cold stares of Parisians? Then Guadeloupe is an excellent choice! This archipelago, with its butterfly-shaped main island, is technically an extension of France and thus, a member of the European Union. That means you can use any leftover euros from a European vacation to shop there. The official language of Guadalupe is French, though some locals speak an island-specific form of creole. The Guadeloupe islands are some of the oldest coffee-bearing regions in the Americas, so be sure to get a hot cup of local joe while visiting.


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